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Custom designed training for companies of any size.


To help organizations bring out the best in their people, transform high potentials to high performers, and build workforce cultures of contribution and commitment.

We help organizations achieve business success by developing enlightened leaders, aligned teams, and cultures that support continuous learning and development. Q and A provides customized training programs that deliver focused, relevant and inspiring learning experiences that address your organization’s changing workforce needs. We focus on building leadership capabilities that support your vision, mission and strategy.

I learned how to lead, coach and develop people by serving as an officer in the United States Marine Corps, and as a frontline manager with cutting edge companies like Yahoo!, Motorola and Atari. The lessons learned help me deliver real world solutions to real world people challenges.

Our Mission
Quigley & Associates

About Q & A

Having worked with C Suite executives, frontline managers and small business owners from America to Zambia, we’ve learned some hard facts about soft skills: leadership skills don’t always come naturally and that going to a "Management 101" class is no less appealing – or productive-- today than it was 20 years ago. So we decided to do something about the challenge of developing people in times of tight budgets and massive change.  We created “Leading in Future Time”, our flagship instructor led learning experience that makes training cost effective, relevant, and easy to implement. It’s fast, focused and fun, replete with realistic  case studies, videos, interactive exercises, and rich, penetrating discussions. 


Leading in Future Time 


Recruiting and Retention 

  • Hiring Great People 

  • Winning the War for Talent

  • The Art of On-boarding

  • Creating a Compelling Employment Brand

New to Management

  • The Role of the Manager

  • Making the Leap to Leadership

  • Performance Based Interviewing

  • Coaching for Success--The Manager as Coach

  • Delegate to Develop--The Manager's Force Multiplier



  • Styles at Work

  • All About Culture--Why All the Fuss?

  • Engaging the 21st Century Workforce

  • Conducting Respectful Conversations

  • Resolving Conflict Productively

  • Building Support for Your Ideas

  • 1 More Time...How do I really motivate people?

Driving Change

  • Communicating Change

  • Taking Charge of Change

  • Managing Productivity During Change

  • Anticipating, Embracing and Championing Change

Build Winning Teams

  • Tripwires and Trapdoors:      Why teams struggle and what to do about it

  • Diagnosing Team Effectiveness:  getting top performance from all hands

  • How Teams Evolve:           keeping teams fired up and focused in tough times​

Managing Performance

  • Setting Compelling Goals

  • High Performance Coaching

  • Commitment Conversations

  • Delivering Focused Feedback 

  • Correcting Marginal Performance

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Real World Skills for 

Real World Challenges


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