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Phil Quigley Q&A Training Founder

Q&A Founder

After years of serving in frontline leadership roles--- as a Marine officer and with hard charging companies like Yahoo! and Motorola---I’ve learned that lasting business success depends upon unleashing the potential, passion and performance of every stakeholder in the organization.  People matter---and keeping them focused, fired up, and committed is your competitive advantage.  That’s why Q & A’s customized management training programs work; they boost confidence, inspire top performance, and build loyalty to your team.


Q and A’s flagship product, Leading In Future Time, is a flexible framework for bringing learning to life, taking the mystery out of management training, and transforming common sense to common practice.  LIFT  is a series of fast paced, highly interactive, customized workshops featuring videos, case studies, games, simulations and rich group discussions that energize and inspire participants,  all reinforced with conscious coaching for ongoing performance support.


While delivering leadership training around the world—everywhere from Australia to Zambia, with occasional stops in Iraq—I’ve found that the basic skills of management still need to be experienced live in a workshop setting, with real people learning and sharing real experiences with one another. In these days of thin margins and tight budgets, the training ROI must be immediate, significant and measureable. No one has time to sit through another all day Management 101 class drinking bad coffee and munching stale donuts---especially today’s mobile, technologically savvy workforce.


I’m ready to support your quest for meaningful professional development that fits the needs of tomorrow’s leaders today. Call today for more information...or just to have a quiet chat.


Phil Quigley

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